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Walters Art Museum

600 North Charles Street
Baltimore, MD

Phone: 410-547-9000 --

Statement of Purpose

Henry Walters (1848 1931) bequeathed his art gallery and his collection of 22,000 works of art to his native city, "for the benefit of the public."

The Walters bequest is still considered among the greatest acts of cultural philanthropy in our nation's history.

William Walters (1819-94), Henry's father, had assembled a splendid collection of nineteenth-century art and Asian art, but under his son's auspices the collection was transformed into one of the finest of all American private collections. Henry Walters's interests were boundless, ranging over 5000 years, from ancient Egypt to art nouveau. Although now significantly expanded, the museum's strength and scope continue to reflect Mr. Walters's collecting genius and philanthropic spirit.


Henry Walters's original art gallery was built between l 904 and 1909 and was restored between 1985 and 1988. Modeled after Italian Renaissance and Baroque palace designs, its central court is a replica of the cortile of Genoa's Palazzo Balbi, designed in the 1630s by Bartolomeo Bianco. In 1974 a new wing was dedicated, which tripled the amount of public gallery space and provided excellent conservation facilities, an auditorium, classrooms, library, and curatorial offices. Hackerman House, (the historic Thomas-Jencks-Gladding House) a beautiful 1850 mansion, opened in 1991, providing magnificent galleries for Asian art. Its former garden was transformed into the Pavilion Cafe.


The Walters presents major exhibitions in its main floor exhibition galleries and smaller changing exhihitions thoughout the museum.

Highlights & Collections


The permanent collection spans 50 centuries of man's creativity in the arts - from ancient Egypt to Art Nouveau. Antiquity through 19th century: decorative arts, painting, sculpture, arms and armor, jewelry, ceramics, manuscripts.

Exhibits & Special Events

Courbet/Not Courbet on view Sept. 16, 2006–March 11, 2007

Courbet and the Modern Landscape on view Oct. 15, 2006–Jan. 7, 2007


Admission & Directions:


View of an Ideal City

late 15th century, anonymous.

Donor with St. John the Baptist

by Hugo van der Goes, ca. 1475.

Portrait of Countess Livia da Porto Thiene and her daughter Porzia.

by Paolo Veronese, ca. 1550.

Madonna of the Candelabra.

by Raphael, ca. 1513-14.

The Annunciation

by Bicci di Lorenzo, ca. 1430.

Buddha (Sui or T'ang dynasty)

painted lacquer over wood.

Marchese Massimiliano Stampa

by Sofonisba Anguissola, 1557.

A Mourning Woman

Ercole de Roberti's, 15th century.

Roosters, Chicks and Morning Glories

by Watanabe Seiti (Meiji Period).

The Peachbloom Vase (1710-22)

Key Personnel:

Gary Vikan, Museum Director

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