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Movieland Wax Museum

7711 Beach Boulevard
Buena Park, California

Phone: 714-522-1154 --

Statement of Purpose:

Open since 1962, Movieland proudly presents the world's finest movie-themed attraction of its kind - with over 292 celebrity wax figures on display in 115 realistic crafted sets, paying tribute to a 70-year span of exciting movie & television making.

Each star portrayed is life-size with uncanny characteristics & likeness. Facial features, body & bone structure are recreated precisely according to the measurements taken at photo sessions. Skin tone and hair, implanted strand by strand, are exactly color matched.

Original costumes & studio props are obtained whenever possible to ensure authenticity. In order to enhance the enjoyment of visitors, special lighting, sound effects & imiginative animation are used throughout the museum.

Visit Movieland Wax Museum - see the glamours of film-making & reminisce those great moments in movie history. Bring your camera! We guarantee the most extraordinary photo experience of a lifetime.

Highlights & Collections:

ADVENTURES - Experience the thrill of stepping into supersets like "Dr. Zhivago," "Poseidon Adventure," "Ben Hur," "Star Trek" and many others.

TV & COMEDIANS - Tickle your fancy when you visit television's favorite hosts - George Burns, Carol Burnett, Dick Clark. Laugh it up the Arthur, Laurel and Hardy, and more.

CHAMBER of HORRORS - Our Chamber of Horrors is not for the faint of hearts. Feel the chills when you walk through scene after scene of pure classic terrors. Beware when you meet our new residents "Jason" and "Leatherface." Old timers like Dracula and Frankenstein may have surprises for you too.

CLASSICS - Feel the presence of Hollywood's immortal actors and actresses - Brando, Davis, Stewart, Gable, Bogart, Hepburn. . . just to name a few.

SUPERSTARS & HEROES - Bedazzled by superstars Gloria Estafan and Michael Jackson. Celebrate victories with Patton, Rocky, Superman and others.

STARPRINT GALLERY - Movieland created its own "Walk of Fame" featuring the autographs, foot and hand prints of selected celebrities immortalized in cement.

STARS VISITING STARS - When the final touches on a new figure are made, and with the new set in place, celebrities often return to Movieland Wax Museum for a festive dedication.


Open every day of the year, rain or shine, including holidays. For museum hours or information, call (714) 522-1154.

Admission & Directions:

Special rates available for organized groups. Tour and travel rates also available. Call (714) 522-1155 for information.

Located one block north of Knott's Berry Farm in Buena Park, Orange County, California. From Santa Ana (5) and Riverside (91) Freeways, exit Beach Blvd., south.


The Museum

Key Personnel:

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