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James Madison Museum, The

129 Caroline Street
Orange, Virginia

Phone: 540-672-1776 --

Statement of Purpose:

Dedicated to the memory of James Madison, Fourth President of the United States and Father of the Consitution, the James Madison Museum.

Highlights & Collections:

The James Madison Museum features permanent exhibits on James Madison, featuring furnishings, papers and informational displays.

An exhibit on James Madison's Orange County looks at the history of the county that once stretched to the Mississippi River and the Great Lakes. The exhibit examines the history of the County from the Native American presence to the present day.

The Museum also has a Hall of Agriculture with a wide variety of antique farm tools, a beautifully restored carriage, a 1924 Model T Ford, a 1931 Seagrave fire engine, and the 1733 Arajalon Price House (yes, the full size house inside the Museum).

A video on James Madison and his nearby home, Montpelier is also available. The Museum's exhibits are rounded out with ever-changing special exhibits.

Exhibits & Special Events:


Admission & Directions:

The James Madison Museum is located at 129 Caroline Street in the Town of Orange, Virginia. See our web page for a map.


The James Madison Museum

Key Personnel:

Kenneth M. Clark, President, Board of Directors.
Rita M. Flyzik, Administrator

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