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Historic Deerfield

Wright House

Visitors by the Wright House, one of 14 museum houses at Historic Deerfield, MA.
The Street - Box 321
Deerfield, Massachussets

Handicapped accessible
A.A.M. Accredited & Affiliated.
Hours: Daily: 9.30am to 4.40 pm.
Admission: General: 10.00 Students: 5.00 Seniors: 10.00

Key Personnel

CEO: Donald R. Friary , Executive Director
Philip Zea, Chief Curator; David Proper, Librarian; Linda Smith, Development Director; Grace Friary, Public Relation Officer; Irene Friedman, Museum Store Manager.

Statement of Purpose

An educational Institution with fourteen historic house museums featuring life and culture of New England, between 1650 and 1850. Also the 1884 Deerfield Inn and a total of 52 buildings, most on their original sites.


Ashley House.
Kitchen Open-shelved Salem cupboard filled with English and Dutch Delft wares, includind set of "Merry Man" plates.

Architectural Conservator Bill Flynt
Forum workshop participants talk with Architectural Conservator Bill Flynt about conservation materials and practices.

Dwight House. South Parlor. Bombe Secretary.
Made in Boston, MA ca. 1760-1785

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