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Coyote Point Museum for Environmental Education

1651 Coyote Point Drive
San Mateo, California
(650) 342-7755

Statement of Purpose

To present information about the environment of the Bay Area; to build awareness of the impact on the environment that results from human impact.

Main Attraction(s): Live animals in naturalistic settings right on the San Francisco Bay. Changing exhibits, hands-on, kid-friendly.

Permanent Exhibits: Over 50 live animals native to the Bay Area, beautiful environmental hall with interactive exhibits and native plant gardens.

1999 Calendar of Events:


Patricia Wilson, Director & External Affairs

Highlights, Exhibits & Events


Grasslands Ecological Zone
Permanent exhibit in Environmental Hall.

Gray Foxes
Permanent gray foxes in wildlife habitats.

Ringtail Live Animals Exhibit
Permanent exhibit in wildlife habitats.

View of garden at Coyote Point Museum.

Directions: Right of Highway 101 in San Mateo! Going north, take Dore Avenue exit. Going south, take Peninsula Ave exit. Follow signs into Coyote Point Re


Admission: $3 ($1 students, $2 seniors)

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