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Maryhill Museum of Art

35 Maryhill Museum Drive
Goldendale, WA

Phone: 509-773-3733

Statement of Purpose:

Cross disciplinary presentation art, ethnography, decorative arts, history through exhibitions and programs.


Dedicated by Queen Marie of Romania in 1926, the museum opened in 1940. European and American paintings are complemented by a collection of Auguste Rodin sculptures and watercolors, 19th-century French art glass and 18th-century Russian icons.

Other Highlights include Hill photographs and memorabilia, American Indian basketry and artifacts, the Theatre de la Mode French mannequin gallery and personal items and royal furnishings donated by Queen Marie. A visable storage gallery allows visitors a glimpse of the museum's weapons collection, Hill's death mask and busts of famous figures throughout history.


Rodin sculpture, chess sets, Russian icons, paintings.

Hours: 9-5 daily from March 15-November 15.



Key Personnel:

Colleen Scafroth, Director
Lee Musgrave, Media Relations and Curator of Contemporary Exhibitions

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