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Redding Museum of Art & History

56 Quartz Hill Road
Redding, California

Phone: 916/243-8801 --

Statement of Purpose:

RMAH is dedicated to fostering an awareness, appreciation and understanding of historical and contemporary art for audiences in the North State region, and to presenting the region's history in a context that will allow the public to unnderstand di9verse perspectives with the coming of the 21st century.

The Museum achieves its mission through public exhibitions, educational programs, collections and publications.

Ethnographic, historical and fine arts collections; paintings, sculpture, graphics, photography, ceramics, and crafts by contemporary artists.

Highlights & Collections:

Dynamic art exhibitions which change every two months; an annual history exhibition relating to important North State topics; Museum store where you may find unique gift ideas from North State artist and artisans (members get 10% discount!)

California Native Peoples baskets; contemporary and historical California art



Admission & Directions:

Interstate 5 two hours north of Sacramento, take Eureka/Weaverville exit to Market Street, head north to Caldwell Park on the Sacramento river.



Check with us at a later date.

Key Personnel:

Alice Hoveman, Interim Director - History Curator

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