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Meux Home Museum

1007 R Street
Fresno, California

Phone: 559-233-8007 --

Statement of Purpose:

To provide Fresno County ongoing visual educational and cultural opportunities unique to early Fresno.  This restored house museum is the last remaining preserved historic structure in this area that provides the citizen of, and vistors to, Fresno a complete representation of nineteenth century life.

Highlights & Collections:

One of the prime houses in terms of historical and architectural significance is the Meux Family home at the northwest corner of Tulare and R Streets.
The home was built in 1888 by Dr. T. R. Meux who had come to Fresno from Tennessee the year before.
Dr. Meux had been a Civil War surgeon on the side of the Confederacy. As a result of the ravages of war in Tennessee and the ill health of his wife, the doctor felt it was time to move his family to a better climate. He chose Fresno.

Education, preservation of what life was like in 1889.
Family history, Fresno history, Victorian period.


Victorian special Christmas theme. Teddy Bear picnic event.

"What's Old is New Again"
Christmas at the Meux Home Museum
From November 24, 2000 to December 31, 2000
Featured artisans will demonstrate their crafts on weekends during the Christmas Season.  Please visit our web site for more information.


Friday, Saturday, Sunday:  12:00 noon to 4:00 pm

Admission & Directions:

The Meux Home Museum is located on the corner of Tulare and R Streets in downtown Fresno and is within walking distance of the Fresno Convention Center, St. Johns Cathedral and the Amtrak Station.

Key Personnel:

Sharon Dunn, President, Board of Directors
Judi Kralevich, Web Master

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