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Ripley's Believe It Or Not

7850 Beach Boulevard
Buena Park, California

Phone: 714-522-7045 --

Statement of Purpose:

ROBERT L. RIPLEY was born on Christmas day 1893 in Santa Rosa, California. He began his newspaper career as a sports cartoonist at the age of 16. His sketches and the Believe It or Not! series have been popular around the world for over 70 years, sydicated in as many as 300 newspapers.

As a reporter of the odd and unusual, Ripley traveled to the farthest corners of the globe visiting over 200 countries, meeting with Kings and Queens, Cannibal Chieftains, tribesmen and natives along the way. His extensive travels earned him the title "The Modern Day Marco Polo." Ripley's collection of the unbelievable facts and inconceivable feats is sure to convince everyone that "Truth is indeed stranger than Fiction." Believe it or not!

Highlights & Collections:

At Ripleys newest Believe It or Not! Museum
in Buena Park, California, we have assembled a collection of real-life phenomena and scores of curiosities that are so obviously strange and yet so mystifyingly true. "The FiJi mermaid," tall tale or fish tale, you decide; "Chinese Shrunken Head," the size of a lemon; "Wadlow the Giant" at 8'11" tall, the human highrise, and many many others. Ponder all the possibilities, as you step into the Unbelievable world of Ripley's and become a Believer!


Open every day of the year, including holidays. For museum hours or information, call (714) 522-7045.

Admission & Directions:

Group Rates - Special rates are available for organized groups. Tour & travel rates are also available. Call (714) 522-1152.

Located 1 block north of Knott's Berry Farm in Buena Park, California. From Santa Ana (5) & Riverside (91) Freeways, exit Beach Blvd., south.



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