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Museum of Neon Art (MONA)

501 West Olympic Boulevard, Suite 101
Los Angeles, California

Phone: 213-489-9918 --

Statement of Purpose:

The Museum of Neon Art is a non-profit, cultural and educational organization which exhibits, documents and preserves conternporary fine art in electric media and outstanding examples of neon signs.

Founded in 1981, the Museum of Neon Art is the only permanent institution of its kind in the world.

Prom 1991 through 1992 MONA was located in the loft district adjacent to Little Tokyo in downtown Los Angeles. Since 1993 MONA has maintained an exhibition of signs from its historic collection on the exterior of the buildings at CityWalk in Universal City.

In February l996 the Museum of Neon Art opened its main exhibition space on the first floor of the Renaissance Tower on Grand Hope Park in downtown Los Angeles.

The new facitity houses permanent exhibitions of the Museum's fine art collection, sign collection and the history and technology of neon.

MONA also mounts five to eight temporary exhibitions each year. Over 400 artists have shown works in group and solo exhibitions since 1981. MONA's staff has curated, organized and installed several dozen exhibitions for other museums and art centers in the U.S. and Japan.

MONA offers comprehensive introductory courses in neon design and techniques four times a year. Over a thousand students have participated in classes taught by the museum sfaff and its associates since 198l.

MONA conducts night time bus tours of neon signs, movie marquees and permanent installations of contemporary neon art in the city. The narrated tours, developed by the Museum in 1985, point out historic and aesthetic dimensions of the works and serves as a guide to the history of Los Angeles in the 20th century.

Now in its fifteenth year, the Museum of Neon Art has over a thousand members and annually hosts visitors from every state and continent.

Highlights & Collections:

This animated sign once stood outside Steele's Motel, Van Nuys, California
and is now in MONA's permanent collection.

Exhibits & Special Events:


The hours are 11.00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m., Tuesday through Sunday.
Open until 8pm the third Thursday of the month, excluding major holidays.

Open at 12pm on Sundays.

Admission & Directions:

Admission is $5.00; children under 12 accompanied by adults are admitted free. Free parking is available underground in Renaissance Tower; the entrance is on Grand Street just north of Olympic.

The entrance is on Hope Street at Olympic .


Key Personnel:

Kim Koga, Director

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