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Pioneer Trails Regional Museum

12 First Avenue Northeast
Bowman, North Dakota

Phone: 701-523-3600 --

Statement of Purpose:

Preserve and display local history.

The Pioneer Trails Regional Museum was founded in 1991 to preserve the unique history of southwest North Dakota. The region's history includes many fascinating aspects, including some of the world's best fossil and dinosaur dig sites; Native American artifacts, including rare petroglyphs preserved in the Cave Hills; and the entire history of the region's homesteaders, from the frist settlers and cowboys through the dust bowl and World War II.

Highlights & Collections:

The Pioneer Trails Regional Museum (PTRM) has a comprehensive paleontology department and is an active field museum. The museum is less than 30 miles (48km) from some of the world's best dinosaur and fossil bed. Throughout the summer, the PTRM's paleontologists lead field tours into the badlands where you can help them dig for dinosaurs and other fossils.


Paleontology, Native American, and Prairie History are all in our permanent collection. The Prairie Walk is, understandably, a seasonal, outdoor exhibit. Additionally, the PTRM's paleontology field tours are conducted during the summer months, weather permitting.


Open All Year, excluding major holidays

May 1-Sept 30:

Oct. 1 - Apr. 30

Admission & Directions:

The PTRM is located in Bowman, North Dakota. Bowman is located at the junction of US12 and US85. US85 is a Can-Am highway, and both highways are major highways.



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Key Personnel:

Clara Bliss, Museum Director

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