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National Air and Space Museum - Smithsonian Institution

7th Street & Independence Avenue, Sw..
Washington, D C

Phone: 202 357 2700 --
TTY: 202 357 1729

Statement of Purpose:

History, science, technology of aviation and space flight.

Highlights & Collections:

The museum is the most popular in Washington, hosting more than eight million visitors each year.

Twenty-four galleries--exhibiting hundreds of airplanes, spacecraft, missiles, rockets, and other flight-related artifacts--offer a sense of participation in the evolution of air and space technology.

Featured are special films shown on a five-story-high IMAX screen and shows exploring the workings of our universe at the planetarium. Highlights include: Wright Flyer, Spirit of St. Louis, Skylab, Apollo 11 Command Module, touchable moon rock, computer gallery, Hubble Space Telescope model.

Exhibits & Special Events:

Gallery 210 traces the 10-year reace to get a person to the moon and displays original space suits and lunar equipment. In Gallery 114, one can walk into a Skylab model. Also full-size Hubble Space Telescope engineering prototype and the full Apollo Command and Service Module.

See web site at or call Smithsonian Information for a previsit packet, which includes a list of updated temporary exhibitions.


Daily 10:00-5:30 p.m. Closed December 25.

Admission & Directions:


Metro Station: L'Enfant Plaza (Smithsonian Museums exit)



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Key Personnel:

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