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M I T Museum

265 Massachusetts Avenue
Cambridge, Massachusetts

Phone: 617 253 4444 --

Statement of Purpose:

The MIT Museum is an extensive collection of art, artifacts, drawings, photographs, and instruments documenting MIT's role in 19th- and 20th- century science and technology.

Our collections in holography, architecture, and nautical history are world-renowned.


--Discover where art and science meet at MIT Museum.
--Explore the real virtual reality in the Holography exhibition featuring works from our extensive holography collection
--the world's largest.
--Create exciting electromagnetic auras inside Bill Parker's interactive plasma globes.
--Build and exhibit your own fanciful structures in MathSpace.
--Discover the ingenuity of generations of MIT grads in the MIT Hall of Hacks.
--Produce fascinating stroboscopic effects with Doc Edgerton's "Remarkable Single Piddler Hydraulic Happening Machine."


Calendar of Events:



$3 adults/ $1, students, seniors, children


Key Personnel:

Mary Leen, Acting Director

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