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Skirball Cultural Center, the - Hebrew Union College

2701 N orth Sepulveda Voulevard
Los Angeles, California

Phone: 310.440.4500 --

Statement of Purpose:

"Visions & Values: Jewish Life from Antiquity to America", chronicles 4,000 years of Jewish life in the Old World and the New. Changing exhibits, sculpture garden, archives, performance space. Conference center opened in April 1996.

Highlights & Collections:

It has galleries, but it is more than a museum. It has a resource center but it is more than a library. It has a state-of-the-art auditorium but it is much much more than a performing arts center.

It is the varied nature of its mission that makes this unique venue the Skirball Cultural Center. Just as the American immigrant experience is different for each group and individual arriving on these shores, the Skirball Cultural Center provides an unrivaled rainbow of programs and opportunities to enrich each visitor.



Multimedia exhibits, rare artifacts, photographs, interactive computers and sound recordings lead you on the Jewish people's journey through the ages, culminating with their history in the United States. Discover how the Jews met the challenges of dispersion and adapted to different cultures. Find out how ancestral visions and values have been retained and transformed in America.


Home to the Skirball Cultural Center's outstanding archaeological collection, the Ziffren Discovery Center offers an insider's tour of the world of archaeology, designed for children ages 5 and up. Come and log on to interactive computer games for a virtual excavation, peek into the reconstruction of an ancient rock-cut tomb, create rubbings of ancient alphabets. Visit the Parsons Outdoor Dig on weekends, weather permitting.

Larry Rivers
History of Matzah: The Story of the Jews
February 2 through May 30 Milken Family Gallery In 1984,

New York artist Larry Rivers received the daunting commission to portray the 3,000 year history of the Jewish people. The resulting work was a group of three monumental canvas murals and numerous detailed preparatory drawings. Larry Rivers' History of Matzah: The Story of the Jews is a landmark in Jewish art expression.

Rivers links the story of the Jewish people to the underlying message of freedom by using the visual leitmotif of the matzah (unleavened bread). Superimposed over the background is a complex collage of recycled popular images, a pictorial device Rivers has used in earlier painting series. He incorporates his self-portrait and images of his own family, bringing Jewish history into his own experience. Rivers often borrows images of biblical art from such masters as Rembrandt, Michelangelo and Leonardo da Vinci. The carefully researched canvases compare in scope and purpose to religious painting cycles found in Italian Renaissance and Baroque churches. This is the first opportunity for viewers on the West Coast to see this remarkable body of work.

Since the 1950s, Larry Rivers has been considered one of America's leading artists. Both his large, deliberate compositions such as History of Matzah, and his intimate, small sketches have established him as one of the most gifted representational draftsmen and portraitists of his generation. Along with Jasper Johns and Robert Rauschenberg, Rivers is considered a precursor of Pop Art and a major figure in the art of the late 20th century.


Admission & Directions:



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Key Personnel:

Nancy Berman, Director

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