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Fick Fossil and History Museum

700 West 3rd Street
Oakley, Kansas

Phone: 785-671-4839 --

Statement of Purpose:

The purpose of the Fick Fossil and History Museum is to collect, preserve and interpret the artifacts and history reflecting the geological formation, historical development, and the cultural and artistic diverstity of northwest Kansas.

Highlights & Collections:

The Fick Fossil and History Museum was opened in 1975 and contains nothing but genuine fossils, rocks, minerals and artifacts.  There are no reproductions in our collections.

Thousands of fossils, most of which were donated by Vi and Earnest Fick who found the majority of their fossils within a twenty mile radius of their ranch about 25 miles south of Oakley in the Monument Rocks region of Logan, Scott, Gove and Lane counties of Kansas.

The Xiphactinus Audux, a prehistoric fish, is over 15 feet long and was discoved locally by George F. Sternberg.  The skull of a Mosasaur, Tylosaurus Proriger, would have been about 30 feet long in life.  It was discovered in Horse Thief Canyon in Gove County and is the oldest documented mosasaur to date.

The replica of Oakley's 1886 depot contains artifacts and information about the railroad which was instrumental in establishing many towns in northwest Kansas.  The real depot was destroyed by fire in 1940.  There are pictures of the fire and other disasters, the rabbit drives, dust storms, tornadoes, blizzards and floods.

The Prather Creamery, Military Room and General Store all contain authentic artifacts recalling local history from the eighteen and nineteen hundreds.  The story of the German family massacre is a detailed account of Indians attacking a family of nine, leaving only 4 young girls alive who were later rescued by the army.

We also have a replica of a sod house inside the museum, a farm wagon and tools, depression glass and a photo display containing some 1500 photographs.

There is a special place for Buffalo Bill which includes a bronze statue of Buffalo Bill on his horse, Brigham, running alongside a buffalo.  This statue is slated to be reproduced in a twice life sized statue to be placed just west of Oakley on Highway 83 in 2004.  Buffalo Bill Cody earned the right to be called by that name just west of Monument in a contest with Bill Comstock.  Buffalo Bill shot more buffalo than Wild Bill Hickock and has been known as Buffalo Bill since.

Calendar of Events: 

The Fick Fossil and History Museum has rotating, temporary exhibits all year long.  Please check our website to see what is currently on display.


Summer (Memorial Day through Labor Day): Monday through Saturday 9:00 A.M. to 5:00 P.M.  Sunday 2:00-4:00 P.M.  Winter: Monday through Saturday 9:00 A.M. to Noon and 1:00 P.M. to 5:00 P.M.  All times are in the Central Time Zone.

Admission & Directions:

Admission is free and donations are appreciated.

From I-70 exit 70, turn south on Highway 83, drive approximately five miles to Second Street, turn left and drive four blocks, turn left one block and you'll see the museum on your right.

From I-70 exit 76, turn west, drive approximately two miles to Highway 40, turn right and follow the main road across the tracks and down Center Avenue to Third Street and turn left.  Drive five blocks and the museum will be on your right.


Key Personnel:

Kelsey von Leonrod, Director

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