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Chrysler Museum of Art and Historic Houses

245 West Olney Road
Norfolk, Virginia

Phone: 757-664 6200 --
TTY: 757 623 5976

Statement of Purpose:

Highlights & Collections:

Recognized by the Wall Street Journal as "one of the nation's top twenty art museums." The museum houses a world-renowned glass collection, works of art from African, Asian, pre-Columbian and Islamic cultures, sculpture and decorative arts.

H. D. Vollmer (American, 1892-1971)

Iron Jaw RELLA, the 20th Century Marvel, Pulls By Just His Bare Teeth,  a 1938 Dodge E 5-Passenger Car and Dodge Truck loaded with Bathing Beauties, August 22, 1938

Courtesy of Sargeant Memorial Room, Norfolk Public Library



2007 Exhibitions at the Chrysler Museum of Art, Norfolk, Virginia


“Behind the Seen” Revisited: American Art, 1880–1950

Through February 11, 2007

The major 2005 exhibition Behind the Seen: The Chrysler’s Hidden Museum included more than 200 paintings, sculptures, and works on paper—all of them selected from the Museum’s storage vaults. The show, which closed in February of 2006, proved enormously popular with our visitors, who encouraged us to regularly show more of these extraordinary “hidden treasures.” With that in mind, we are inaugurating in the Waitzer Community Gallery a series of “Behind the Seen” exhibitions that will highlight groups of related works of art pulled from Museum storage. The current show focuses on American paintings and drawings from the late 19th century to 1950, from Impressionist canvases by Frank Benson and Philip Leslie Hale to American Scene paintings and drawings by Walt Kuhn and Reginald Marsh. Don’t miss the chance to revisit these remarkable treasures pulled from “behind the seen.”


Nat Meyer (American, b. Vietnam, 1973)

Ralph Milliard of the Norfolk Tides waits for the sky to clear at Harbor Park before the season opener against the Durham Bulls.  The sun set on these circular moving storm clouds just before the game startedThe Tides lost 5-4, Norfolk, April 9, 1998

Courtesy of The Virginian-Pilot

A Century of Great Photography from The Virginian-Pilot

October 20, 2006January 7, 2007

It has been said that the daily newspaper is “the first draft of history.” For more than 100 years, The Virginian-Pilot and its forebears have used photography to visually record and interpret history in the making. This highly-anticipated exhibition surveys the photographs which have so effectively recorded the stories of our region, and the nation. Not including the wire service photographs that were simply published in The Pilot, the images comprising this show are those of the staff photographers of various periods, artfully covering the items of most interest to their readers at the time. Among the numerous images, and in order to examine the evolving character of our region, the last 10 years represented in the exhibition will showcase the work of many of The Pilot photographers working today.


Soul Sanctuary: Images of the African American Worship Experience

December 13, 2006March 18, 2007

This unique new exhibition is a multidimensional journey into the heart of the black worship experience through the eyes of photographer Jason Miccolo Johnson. Titled after Johnson’s photographic book, Soul Sanctuary captures the spirit of the black church through arresting images of baptisms, weddings, funerals, annual day celebrations, ecstatic soloists, choir directors, prophetic preachers, angelic liturgical dancers, and peaceful moments of prayer and praise.

Jason Miccolo Johnson (American, b. 1956)

Deaconess Marsha Jackson, a member of the St. Paul Voices Choir lifts her arms in praise at St. Paul Baptist Church, Capitol Heights, Maryland, 2004

(c) 2006 Jason Miccolo Johnson, Soul Sanctuary (Bulfinch Press)

Jason Miccolo Johnson (American, b. 1956)

Liturgical dancers leap into “sanctified air” during the ceremonial groundbreaking service for the new Metropolitan Baptist Church, Largo, Maryland, 2003

(c) 2006 Jason Miccolo Johnson, Soul Sanctuary (Bulfinch Press)


From Goya to Sorolla: Masterpieces from the Hispanic Society of America

March 11 – June 11, 2007

Features nearly 70 works of art by 19th- and 20th-century Spanish masters, all of them borrowed from the acclaimed collection of Spanish art owned by the Hispanic Society of America in Manhattan. The show celebrates the 100th anniversary of the Society’s founding, and it includes an array of remarkable Spanish works of art, beginning with two portraits by Francisco Goya, working its way through all the great figurative and landscape painters to the 19th century, from classicism to Impressionism, and culminating in a spectacular group of early 20th-century masterpieces by the great Joaquin Sorolla, including a monumental portrait of Louis Comfort Tiffany.

Francisco de Goya y Lucientes

Pedro Mocarte, ca. 1805

Courtesy of the Hispanic Society of America

Joaquin Sorolla y Bastida

After the Bath, 1908

Courtesy of the Hispanic Society of America

Flowers & Art 2007

March 23-25, 2007

Spring returns in full bloom at the Chrysler with Flowers & Art 2007, a celebration of the season and the Museum’s collections. This special three-day event brings together masterpieces from the Chrysler’s Permanent Collection and the floral artistry of some of Virginia’s finest arrangers and also includes docent-led tours on floral themes, special events, lectures, hands-on activities, garden tours, and much more.



April 18 – June 17, 2007

This special exhibition from the permanent collection of the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts demonstrates the ways in which food has nourished and inspired artists, bringing together world masterpieces to whet the appetite and tantalize the senses. Food touches the senses in a primal, physical way, but it also represents culture-specific values, symbolizing for some wealth, luxury, and even excess, and for others initiation and social unity, and for yet others a symbiotic link with the earth and the natural world. For peoples from all places and times, food is one of the most fundamental ways in which they come together as a community. At the same time, eating can be an intensely personal experience through which individuality can be defined, and few experiences are more sensuous or intimate than the preparation and enjoyment of a fine meal. FEAST explores the relationship between food and art in cultures around the world.


The Secret Lives of Frames:

One Hundred Years of Art and Artistry from the Lowy Collection  

October 18, 2007January 6, 2008

As part of the centennial celebration of the Julius Lowy Frame & Restoring Company, Inc., an extraordinary assemblage of approximately 100 antique frames will be exhibited representing some of the most important examples of craftsmanship to have passed through the pre-eminent fine art services company’s doors through its 100 year history. Representing the most important periods and styles in frame-making’s history, this unique exhibition offers viewers an opportunity to see antique frames of historic significance spanning from the 16th through the early 20th centuries. With innovative installations grouping frames according to origin and style, the show will also feature a display of framers tools used in casting, carving, and gilding these magnificent frames.



Magnificent northern Italian carved, gilt, and polychrome frame of reverse profile with inner continuous carving of clustered fruit, panels decorated with spread-winged eagles at corners connected by an elaborately scrolled leaf ornament, and outer carving of a continuous wing motif, 18th century

Courtesy Julius Lowy Frame & Restoring Company, Inc.



French carved and gilt oval frame encircled with a leaf and flower design and crested with a scrolled leaf and berry cluster, mid 18th century

Courtesy Julius Lowy Frame & Restoring Company, Inc.


Dates are subject to change.

Please contact the Museum at 664-6200 for further information.


Tu-Sa: 10-4; Su: 1-5.

Admission & Directions:

Key Personnel:

Catherine Jordan, Acting Director

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