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Entomology Research Museum

University of California
Riverside, CA

Phone: 909-787-4315 - Tty: -

Statement of Purpose

This is a research facility, first and foremost, so we have very few public displays. We act primarily as a reference collection for entomologists, ecologists, and agricultural researchers, and have a rather limited public outreach program, mostly as a source of educational materials for local teachers. There is also a group of museum supporters, the Friends of the ERM, which has regular weekly meetings here and occasional field trips.

Highlights & Collections

We have only a small number of insect display cases, featuring mostly exotic species of various types, especially butterflies. It's the sort of thing where someone visiting the UCR campus for some other reason might find about a half hour's worth of entertainment looking at the displays - I would NOT say it's the kind of thing worth a trip in itself.

Our major collections are not open to general visitors, but those involved in teaching or research can arrange to examine or borrow material.

Current Exhibits and Upcoming Special Events

Roughly a dozen display cases of exotic insects.

The only "events" we sponsor are insect-collecting field trips for the Friends of the Entomology Research Museum, virtually all of which require membership in the F.E.R.M. to attend.

Questions about access to the Research Collection itself, or membership in the F.E.R.M. supporter's group, should be directed to Dr. Yanega at the phone number listed, or by visiting the Museum's home page.


9:00-5:00 weekdays.

Admission & Directions:

None, though it may involve metered parking if one wishes to stop nearby.

We are located near the southern entrance to the UCR campus, which is at the intersection of Martin Luther King Blvd. and Canyon Crest - the "Martin Luther King Blvd." exit on 60/215 takes you almost directly to this intersection. We are adjacent to and just south of the main Entomology building, to the east of Citrus Drive and just north of Parking Lot 8. Most parking areas require permits, though there is a general parking area just inside the campus entrance on the west.

Key Personnel:

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