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Palm Springs Air Museum

745 North Gene Autry Trail
Palm Springs, CA

Phone: 760-778-6262 - Tty: -

Statement of Purpose

The Palm Springs Air Museum is dedicated to the preservation, presentation and interpretation of the Air Power of World War Two, its relevance and significance upon the course of history, and its impact on contemporary life.

Highlights & Collections

The significance of World War Two is unparalleled in all of the history of the world in that it was the greatest, most costly conflict ever fought, taking the lives of more than 70 million people. It was Air Power that altered the outcome of that war and forever changed the lives of every person alive today.

Current Exhibits and Upcoming Special Events


"The Great Paper Airplane Contest", for age groups 5 to 8 and 9 to 12. Planes must be built at the museum with paper supplied by the museum. Prizes awarded to winners.

July 1 to 31 All month

"Air Museum Pilot's Wings", will be awarded throughout Cool Kids Month to each child 12 or under as they go through the museum.

July 31

"BMX Flying Fortress bike drawing", We saved the best for last! Named after the epic B-17 Flying Fortress, BMX has awarded this classic bicycle to be given away at the air museum. As each child is given their "Air Museum Pilots Wings", they must fill out a slip to be elgible for this fantastic bike drawing.


"Atomic Bomb: Nuclear Deterrent" program about the impact of the use of the Atomic bomb and its evolution into a deterrent and diplomatic weapon.


"Guadalcanal" was the first US offensive in World War II. Program will cover the sea, air and land battles that played a prominent role in the taking of Guadalcanal.


"Aviation for Kids at the Goose Pen" pilots take kids into the cockpit of the Goose seaplane, explain how the plane flies.


"Blitzkrieg: World War Two begins" program and exhibition opening on the 60th anniversary of the beginning of the war in Europe, the invasion of Poland, Sept 1, 1939. The exhibition "The road to war in Europe" runs through Sept 1, 2000.


"Russia invades Poland" program on the 60th anniversary of the Soviet Union's invasion of Poland from the east while Poland was fighting the German invasion in the west. Flight demonstration of the YAK-11.


"Aviation for Kids at the Goose Pen" explains how the Palm Springs International Airport works.


"The Ferrari Automobile Show" featuring the stylish and extraordinary designs of the Italian auto designer. From the Robert J. Pond car collection.


"The Phony War" program about that period of time in 1939-40 when the Western democracies let the initiative slip through their hands. Flight demonstration of the Spitfire, destined to become one of the finest fighters of WWII.

Calendar of Events:

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Admission & Directions:

Located on the north side of the Palm Springs Airport, the Air Museum is housed in an impressive new structure that includes the two main display halls and hangars, theatre, gift shop, ramp and airport access for flight demonstrations and visiting planes, research library, simulator and education center.

Key Personnel:

Larry Sowinski, Curator

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