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Kenneth G. Fiske Museum of Musical Instruments

140 North College Way
Claremont, CA

Phone: (909) 621-8307 - Tty: -

Statement of Purpose

The mission of the Fiske Museum is to provide a balanced program to collect, catalog and preserve musical instruments; teach about instruments and their evolution; and provide direct access to visitors, students, teachers and scholars through Museum programs, concerts and activities. 

The Fiske Museum's responsibility is to serve as one of the great storehouses of musical instruments in this country--a place for education and enjoyment.


Highlights & Collections

About 450 musical instruments of most types are displayed in three rooms.

These include the earliest documented Grand piano (ca. 1850) by Chickering & Sons, Boston; the only triple-manual reed organ by Mason & Hamlin (ca. 1889); Boston in a major U.S. public museum; the earliest dated (1866) American-made Boehm-system flute by Alfred G. Badger, New York; a very flute by F.G.A. Kirst of Potsdam (c. 1790) flute maker to Frederick the Great; one of the earliest pianos to come to California, a square piano by Breitkopf & Haertel (c. 1840), Leipzig, on loan from the California Historical Society; and a rare complete set of Over-the-Shoulder saxhorns by Hall & Quinby, Boston (1872).

One of the largest and most diverse collections of 19th century brass instruments in the U.S; over 30 keyboard instruments including 18th century pianos, two harpsichords, and several significant reed organs; a large selection of plucked and stringed instruments dating from the 17th through the 20th centuries; and a large selection of non-Western instruments from many countries around the world. The Fiske Museum is the only major musical instrument Museum in the Western United States.

Current Exhibits and Upcoming Special Events


By appointment. Contact the curator by phone or e-mail.

Admission & Directions:

Free, donation box in Museum.

Key Personnel:

Dr. Albert R. Rice, Curator

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